I have been working in the animation industry since I graduated from The Animation Workshop in 2012. I have worked with 2D- and 3D animation, clean-up and coloring.
I always strive to do my best with the amount of time and tools available and I feel like I am good at planning and figuring out how much energy I can allow myself to spend on an assignment in order to reach a deadline. I like to help out whereever help is needed on a production to make things run as smoothly as possible and I don't mind giving things out of my comfort zone a try.
Former employers have told me that I am hardworking and that they felt like they could count on me.

Work Experience

JA Film
LEGO Elves - TV series
2D animator, colorist and clean-up
September 2014 - January 2018

A. Film
Albert - feature film
3D animator
July - August 2014

JA Film
Våbenbrødre - short film
Colorist and clean-up
October - November 2013

LEGO - commercial
3D animator
February - April 2013

Cartoon Saloon
The Aquabats Super Show! - TV series
2D animator (intern)
August - December 2011

Slug Invasion - bachelor film
3D animator 
November 2010 - May 2011

Bachelor in Character Animation 
August 2008 - January 2012
Viborg, Denmark

3D pro-course 
August - December 2013
Viborg, Denmark

Classical drawing
January - December 2007
Viborg, Denmark